I’m Fickle

I deleted my Tum.blr account and am in the process of figuring out how to combine this account with my blogger account and my other word.press account so I can have one blog with 3 sections  that allow individual postings. *inhale*  We’ll see how this goes. I may just go back to my original account and delete all the others and not care if people don’t want to read about how many laps I did that day or what kind of alterations I made to a recipe. *shrug* We’ll see.


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I Moved

Attempting The Absurd

“You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd.”


Hope to see you there. : )

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Pounding the Pavement

I completed the Blacktail triathlon this past Saturday. I took 1st in my division but I’m pretty sure I was the only person in my division. *shrug*

I panicked in the swim despite having gone out 3 days before  swam the same course with some nice free style strokes.  So awesome.

Blacktail Sprint Bike Route

That is the elevation profile for the bike route. It was my favorite part of the race. I was mad at myself because…do you see that little dimple just before the crest on the climb out? yeah?… I stopped there then realized how close I was to the top. I could have made it up that sucker without stopping! SO PISSED OFF at myself for letting my head get in my way. I rode the course once before, it took me 15 minutes and 3 stops to make it to the top of the hill. Saturday it took me just over 12. That’s a win! I dropped my chain around mile 5 and I still completed the fairly hilly bike loop in an hour. I’m pretty happy with that even though I stopped.

The run course was a trail with patches of soft sandy ground that seemed to consist of mostly uphill and one really steep downhill. I don’t like trail running and in the single path areas I would hop off the trail into the sage brush and grass to let the faster runners get by me. I could complain about how this effected my time but honestly, I welcomed the breaks. I walked a lot. After those hills on the bike my quads didn’t like the hills on the run.  I also didn’t run with my headphones which seems to make a huge difference for me, but I wanted to hear the people who needed to get around me.

My final time isn’t posted yet, they are having some issues uploading the data but my garmin has my moving time at 2:01. I’m guessing I can add another 6-7 minutes for transitions. It was a hard course and while I really want to rip apart my performance, I did what I could and I finished that sucker. The onus is mine, I’ve had no real plan this year and have lacked consistent training. I almost waited to take on the course until next year; I’m glad I didn’t because there may not be another Blacktail tri.  The turn out was really low this year but I’m hoping they do one more so I can see how I improve over the winter. I’ll just have to be happy I did it once.

They told us it’s the hardest Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon in the Pacific Northwest. I completed that sucker!

Today I have  15 mile bike ride planned and I have to get in a 3 mile run, which I might convert into a 1 mile book end runs  to a 15 minute speed interval workout. We’ll see what happens. I need to start waking up earlier, this Friday I have a 13 mile training run on my marathon schedule. Who would have ever thought I’d run a half marathon for training? Sickness.

***I went out and got myself 24 miles of road @ 16.5 mph (someday I’ll be faster) then ran 4 miles. Two easy miles sandwiched 2 miles of run:walk intervals; I got up to 8mph. That’s fast for me, granted it was only a minute but still…

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To Bone and Back

Because Jackie was getting on my butt about posting. ; )

A couple of months back, when I started trying to fill every crack in my calendar with an event, I started asking people if they wanted to join a relay team to do To Bone and Back.  How hard can it be to get 7 more people to commit to a run? Apparently it’s difficult.  When they finally opened registration all of my maybe’s became chirping crickets.  I like crickets…when I’m camping or hiking. In stepped Jackie who whipped up a team in about 2 days. Stoked!

We had a runner decide to bail 2 days before the race but were lucky enough to have another person want to step in. The day before the race, a minor tragedy struck when one of our runners had an unfortunate encounter involving a shopping cart and her foot. Stitches should have been sought but were not and running was definitely out. I stepped in for her.  After a brief meeting the night before and some leg shuffling, a basic plan set in motion.

To Bone and Back Profile

Our first runner took on legs 1&2 in just over 90 minutes. Look at that 2nd leg! Eeek! Our 2nd runner (leg 3) covered her 5 miles in a slick 45 minutes, as did our 3rd runner (Jackie, on leg 4). Then came my slow butt at just under 52 minutes for leg 5. Hills man, they kill me.  Our very pregnant leg 6 runner kicked its butt in just under an hour.  I was up again with just under 45 minutes for my second leg (leg 7). I love gravity! My pace was still slow compared to my teammates but it was my fastest time evah! That tiny blip didn’t feel so tiny when I hit it after that drop. Our final runner crushed her leg (leg 8) just under 50 minutes. Our total team time was 6:25 placing us 4th in the women’s open division, at least that’s what was posted on the board after the race who knows what will be in the paper on Tuesday.

We had to carry a 7″ long plastic bone to hand off to each other at each leg, I carried it in my skirt pocket because I hate having things in my hands when I run.  Jackie’s hands get sweaty when she runs. : )  I almost got hit by a car after I handed off to our leg 8 runner, mostly my bad.  They needed a few more porta-potties and some more traffic control but otherwise it was awesome. I was grateful for a supportive and enthusiastic team that tolerated my f-bombs and MC Hammer dances; strangers with water sprayers; the view, especially on leg 7; the breeze in the hot sun; knowing that there were 24 of our local servicemen and woman in Baghdad running with us an ocean away, I’m grateful for all of our troops. I hope they make it home safely and soon.

Would I run To Bone and Back again? Um…YES! Even though I am so very sore today. Hills man, I ehat them. Part of me wants to run the same legs next year to see if I can beat my times but I think there may some arm wrestling to be had over leg 7. ; )

The Team

I’m on the right in the back. The big dude. Yeah. Nope. That’s me, I’m a girl.  Alopecia, remember? I buzz buzz the hairs and it’s one of the reasons I don’t really post pictures.  All of the ladies were wonderful.  I’ll ID them by leg number from Left to right….Leg 8, Leg 4, Leg 6 tucked in the back, Leg 3 up front and me Leg 5 & 7.  We’re missing our Leg 1&2 runner in the photo and if they ask me to remove it I will.

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The Transition Area

Looking out over the lake from the transition area.

My body is tired.

The race run down. It was a gorgeous day. The water course was clearly marked, well patrolled and the water was so much warmer than Rigby Lake.  They said it was slightly short but I was so slow I’m going to pretend it wasn’t so I don’t feel worse about my time.  The bike course was changed at the last minute due to road construction. It was relatively flat in terms of hills but slightly rougher than my snobby butt is used to riding,  though probably not the worst and was the full 13 miles.  The run course followed the bike course and that little tiny incline felt like  mountain for me yesterday.  There were lots of volunteers and support along the route and I laughed every time I saw the roaming porta-potty.

I was tired before I hit the water (3 hours of sleep in a strange bed, I realized I was locked out of my bathroom at 12:30am putting me on the receiving end of a very put-out and pissy hotel clerk and I didn’t really eat anything for breakfast) and I panicked. I was one of the last people out which is fine, I expect that from my swim right now. I’m not particularly strong in any of the of legs but the swim is my weakest.

On the bike I willed my body to go faster and it couldn’t. I think this is the first time I really felt like I just had to ride it out. All I could hear in my head was a chorus of friends saying you need to rest sometime. It was a frustrating moment to dig down into the tank and come up nothing. I averaged 17 mph, according to my Garmin.

On the run my goal was to be able to run it out at the end, at this point I had accepted that it wasn’t going to be my best out,  so I walked through the aid station and had some oranges slices and a drink. Average pace 10:38, according to my Garmin.

They had some issues with chip timing. They started my chip with the Olympic distance men, which didn’t happen, and I know there were people who came in before other racers but had slower listed times. Mine is pretty close  even though my Garmin disagrees with my listed bike time, in my favor. *shrug*  The only way to make it matter less is to get faster so there’s no wondering.

Yesterday they awarded me second, it looks like I actually got third by a minute. Stupid orange slices. ; ) Yesterday though, they were worth it.  I emailed them about returning my medal, I don’t want to keep something I didn’t earn. But the woman who took first in Athena, kicked it! She beat my time by almost 30  minutes. She would have been first overall for females by almost 6 minutes, that’s crazy fast. That’s so awesome!

From March 19 to Sept 11 of this year I will have completed 13 events. 6 of them sprint triathlons, 1 half marathon, 3-10K’s, 1-5K, and 2 relays (in one my leg will be 5 miles, in the other I’ll have 3 legs that are TBD). October 1st I have my first full marathon, then a few 5 and 10K’s in the winter.  In all of last year I mostly walked my way through 3-5K’s between Thanksgiving and December 31.  The year before…I think I may have done the Thanksgiving 5K…I think. My body is in shock and even though I’m almost at 40 pounds lost since October, I’ll still have another 35 to go once the magic 40 is hit…it feels like it’s taking forever. Hauling it around is a lot of extra work.

I need to work on nutrition, sleeping, stretching and recovering.  Sleeping sounds good.  And beer. Can I work beer in there somewhere?

**UPDATE…they said I could keep the medal, that they didn’t expect me to return a medal awarded to me on race day because of the chip timing company’s error. After a long email about why I’m racing to begin with, I’m sure his eyes glazed over at one point, I said I was sending it back.  I didn’t earn it, why would I keep it?  As I put it in an envelope with a note thanking them for a great race, my 4 year old asked what I was doing. “I’m sending it back because I didn’t earn that place, someone else did so it belongs to them.” “Because you lost?” “That depends on how you look at it, I finished. That’s good!” “Because you lost?” “Yes. Because I lost. And that’s okay because I tried.” Blank stare. He’s 4 so who knows what actually imprinted on his brain during this exchange.


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I Ran

If only it said 300 so I could have pretended I was in Sparta instead of Rexburg.

Or something like it.

My mood is shi.TAY.  It has been and I don’t predict much change in the pattern anytime soon so I’m probably going to hide for a while. It’s really best for everyone involved.  I have a ton of acridly witty things to say but if you don’t really know me, you won’t really get it and there will be some truth behind a lot of it and who really wants to read that?

The quick and the dirty….My quads are pissed, my hip is noisy, the inside of both arms are chafed (it dawned on me around mile 5 why I don’t usually wear the tank I chose this morning when the stinging kicked in) and I have some wonky ankle pain that’s confusing me.  I did do some quite a bit of walking on the never-ending hill, I got in line at the porta potty at mile 5+ only to change my mind a couple of minutes later (it was taking way too long), I was misdirected right at the frackin’ end while almost having  a car directed into me by the same volunteer (they’re supposed to try to keep me safe right?) and in the last 0.8 I almost ran over a small child whose parents thought my running past was a great time to send her across. I am pretty slow-moving, and looking, but her matchbox car would have been no match for my Sherman tank.

I was grateful for orange slices, the thought of (and receiving) a quick leg rub down after the race, that I showed up, the green of the fields accented by cloudy sun-kissed blue skies, flybys by yellow crop-dusters (even if it means that I inhaled poison), breezes, scattered rain drops and the downhill; my last two miles were 9:43 and 9:04 with the last .08 at 7:34, the rest of my paces averaged in the 11 min area. My total time was 2:25:48 according to my Garmin. When I signed up I wanted to finish in 2:30, when I strained my quads I thought 3 would be cool but finishing was acceptable.

I’m trying to decide if I want to go spin my legs out with a ride through the potato fields.

**edit…I was waiting to see where I ranked overall before I posted this but it’s taking longer than I thought it would to show up. Eh, what are you going to do?  I didn’t get out and spin through the fields, I’m going to try to get out tomorrow.


32/48 Age Division

120/185 All Females

225/303 Overall…slow but I’ll get faster


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Swimming is Not My Favorite

I’m slow. I panic. Did I mention that I’m slow?

After I attempted to swim and down and back along the buoys at Jensen’s Lake, I did practice drills while Jay did a second down and back.  There was a little brownchickenbrowncow going on on the beach which was a little awkward. The awkwardness isn’t referring to their performance, just in case you were thinking I’m that pervy, but my proximity to it.  I was finally able to slow the hamster wheel down enough to get some stroke patterns in. I’m still rushing my strokes then taking too long of a breath but right now it gets me through. I am a long way from feeling comfortable in the water.  Open water is such a different game. At least I could still feel my toes when I got out. : )


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