In With Both Feet

The initial contact is always a little awkward isn’t it? Who makes the first move? I’m guessing me since I have the the password. So here it goes…

A couple of weeks ago Kay handed me a copy of a 12-week 10K training program she had pulled off the River Valley Run website.  When we parted ways the day before we were set to start she turned to me and asked me if I planned on actually starting on week 1.  Um. Yes.  Trying not to sound snarky or like I was making excuses (I sometimes do but I wasn’t this time) or like I didn’t care if we were training together or not (because I do) I told her that she could start where ever she felt she needed to (she’s way ahead of my fitness level). In the end we’re both running the same distance on the same day and I certainly don’t expect her to wait for me, though she does even though she could smoke me.  I’ll be a week shy of completing the program when the 3/19/2011 10K death march run arrives. Week 10 has me running 6 miles on my long day which is only a whisper shy of a 10K.  And I have osteoarthritis in my hips and an Achille’s tendon/calf tightness issue that I’m working through and get complacent about and skip my stretches.  Not good.  Some days are a challenge so slow and steady is the speed I’m sticking with…for now. I’ve also started down the running path 2 other times only to be sidelined by “pushing too hard too fast” injuries, I want to see this attempt through.

Last week was hell week 1. I’m not used to mornings. I’m not used to requiring my body to function beyond the level of scooping coffee into the filter, remembering to put water in the coffee maker and pouring cereal in a bowl.  A 5:15am alarm is early for an insomniac.  I plod, plod, plodded through the week, not completing any of my distances without stopping and almost puking in my first attempt at spinning class.  The 2 week Christmas break didn’t help any either.  At the end of the week she told me that she needed to move our 6am meet up time to 5:45am. I’m not sure if my face registered the panic this blow created in my psyche but internally I felt it. I want to run from that place to the nearest donut shop to calm down. But I didn’t.

That brings us to this week. I bought cycling shoes for spinning because my right foot cramped during my first class and I’ll need them for when I get my bike this spring anyway. I had to get a mens size because 2 pregnancies and fatness have made my feet expand from a size 9.5 to an 11! Around here you’d think I was a freakin’ giant because no one carries an 11 and when you ask for an 11 they make that tooth sucking sound people make when the see or hear something that makes them feel bad for someone else as the do a mental inventory.  You just did it didn’t you? It’s annoying because I’m going *bald so in comparison my big ass feet,  not such a big ass deal.**

I went to Monday’s Spinning class at 6am, 24.1 miles completed and only a mild cramping sensation when we were out of the saddle for one of the hills. I think it was shoe pressure on the top of my foot for the pull up portion of the foot rotation.  What do I know though? And this morning, although my snooze button enticed me twice and I wanted to text a dramatic excuse as to why I couldn’t make it, I showed up…a little late but I  run all of my day 1 miles for week 2. It’s only 2 miles but last week I didn’t even have that in me. Today showed me I can do it, now I have to remember that.  On the treadmill, I made the video screen large enough that it blocked out my mileage so I wasn’t staring at my mileage slowly tick up.

I have to schedule my racquetball match for league this week and  Spinning and Body Pump are up for tomorrow.  I hate lunges.

*Mine is most likely caused from the hormone imbalance from a metabolic disease.  Like all things, some days are bad but most days I realize it’s just my hair and it could be worse.

**And in light of all the things people deal with everyday, going bald probably isn’t such a big ass deal either.


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