10 K Training Week 2.isitgoingtobeoversoon

Day 1 = awesome

Day 2 = Me: Do you mind if I run a loop in my neighborhood? ( I don’t really want to drive across town to the gym. It’s not too bad of a day. Hm…I’ll ask the other half if he’ll run with me.)
Permission granted. And then it went horribly wrong. I didn’t notice the snow falling or the warming temperature or take into account that we had an incline to run up. In the heavy wet slick snow. The result 30:38 to run 2 miles. WHAT!?! That’s not running. Cramping feet from trying to grip the road through my shoes, cramping calves, soaked shoes (I hatehatehate wet socks, ergo wet shoes aren’t a favorite either) and I’m pretty sure the start of shin splints.

I was grateful for spinning this morning.

Day 3 = Time will tell, it’s tomorrow. I’m supposed to run a mile farther but after yesterday who knows?


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