I Knew It Would Eventually Have to Happen

That I’d have to take on the dietary part of this challenge. As someone who’s never had healthy relationship with food, I’m a little worried about this struggle. That this could be the thing that sidelines me. It’s not like a diet buddy would work the same way as a work out buddy.
I show up because I know someone’s there and I keep going because I know that I made the commitment.  Why is it harder to keep the commitment to myself? We are sometimes on bikes or treadmills rows apart from each other but we are still there together. Saying nice job after a work out attempted, even if it wasn’t in us that day. Usually it’s me that it’s not in, but whatever.
It’s not the same when it comes to eating. I should be able to look at my kids, or my husband or…myself and stick to the resolution but for me it doesn’t seem to work that way.  There are so many diets these days I’m going to have to do some research. 10 years ago I lost 40 pounds by keeping a detailed list (excel sheet actually, with percentages and crap) of everything I ate. Then we moved. Somewhere I never wanted to live.  It really isn’t a bad place to live. It just isn’t where I wanted to live. So I ate. A lot. I didn’t stop eating. And 4 months ago weighted 4 more pounds than I did at my all time highest before I lost the weight 10 years ago. I mean I was still about 25-30 pounds overweight 10 years ago but 40 pounds, come on! That’s pretty good!  Those are not the records I want to set. Off to search for some will power and a plan.

*I had my husband spell check this. He missed that I typed new instead of knew in the title. I wonder what else he missed…


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