Day 1 Week 3: Why am I doing this again?

(Rest or Cross Training)

Last night was a horrible night for sleep. I had the creepy crawlies all night. I didn’t have caffeine before bed and my neuropathy has been pretty quiet lately. I’m sure at some point it caused some mental warfare and my frustration over the restlessness created a big fat circle of never-going-to-get-to-sleep anxiety.  This morning I hit snooze at 4:49, then hit it again at 4:59 then my husband mumbled “Don’t you need to get going so you can get your bike?” And I wanted to verbally punch him because I was tired. TIRED! But I checked myself, I’ve come a long way, and realized that he is trying to be supportive.  He starts my car in the morning, he goes back to bed but he starts my car so adjusting my attitude was necessary.

About 10 minutes into spinning I wonder what the heck I’m doing there. This isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s happens every class.  My hips and back are still stiff and my wrists hate it and my quads are starting to burn.  I wonder if the people next to me can hear me randomly sing along with whatever song is playing (except the country one) because it helps me work through the suck that is getting up whatever hill we’re climbing…and the next one. I’m momentarily concerned if it bothers them but then I think it can’t be worse than the 2 ladies in the back carrying on a very loud conversation throughout the entire class. How hard are they working anyway? I notice they chose the back row, that’s interesting.  I make it through the class having tested out gear 14, it was a tiny touch at gear 14…tiny…but I’m counting it…and having spun myself 24.5 miles to nowhere in 59 minutes.

Today was day one of diet revamp. I kept it under 1800 calories and only felt a mild sensation of my head spinning and the beginnings of a guttural voice emerging from the bowels of my body. (Hm. That reads differently then it played out in my head…but I’m leaving it.)   I’m still heavy on the carbs, I need to adjust that somehow but we’re trying to use what we have in the house right now. One day at a time.

Tomorrow is a 3 mile run….whoo…looking forward to it. Not.



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4 responses to “Day 1 Week 3: Why am I doing this again?

  1. I’ve never tried spinning but that is so how I felt at every run. It sucked. C and I found it wasn’t until our longer runs (over 3 miles) that we started to feel good while running. On a good day, around mile 3.5-4.5 or so, I would start feeling like I was rocking this running thing. The first 3 miles suck. Why are we doing this?!? We say that every time. We only run outside but we go slower than you were going on the treadmill the other day – around 4.5 mph. However, 95% of the time I feel awesome and proud when it’s over. That’s what I run for.

  2. You should try spinning. I think I like it more than running.
    I would love to run outside but it’s so slick and cold. Spring will be here soon. I have to wait 3 miles to start feeling better?!? NO!! I think the Vegas half marathon inspired me. It’s only 9 hours from here…maybe next year? : )

  3. Yeah it’s way too horrible outside to run in the winter. I think I’m going stir crazy now. I need to find a solution.

    I am planning/hoping to do the Vegas half again next year! 🙂 Would be awesome if you did it!

  4. Err I mean… this year 😉

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