Are You Calling Me Bird?

I played this catchy little ditty by The Ting.Tings twice this morning. Why? Because it’s about a 5 minute song that distracts me (I’m still trying to figure it out, I suppose I could look up the lyrics…nah) and I needed that to finish out the 3 miles. I walked for about 45 seconds in between miles 1 and 2 as I tried to figure out a non-annoying way to wear my i.Pod (the ear bud wire drives me batty!) but I ran the rest of it. Slow again; 5.1, 5.2, 5.4. While not a speed racing day, I showed up and finished.  Bonus, today is one of the few days I don’t have another activity planned so I’m done for the day. Woot! Soon I’ll have to start adding the training runs, right? The ones that increase speed and endurance. Slow and steady.

My husband read my post last night and yelled out, “You farted?”

“No! I was trying to convey the sound of a demonic voice taking over me, like on the Ex.orcist or that Chris Farley skit on SNL with the french fries.”

“So it was a BIG fart!”

At this point our 3-year-old started laughing about farting so the point was no longer worth discussing.  Today is day 2. So far, so good. Same breakfast as yesterday, oatmeal and a kiwi, let’s hope the rest of the day goes as well. I’m jonesing for quad skinny mocha, maybe that will be by treat on Sunday if I’m good the rest of this week.

Tomorrow is spinning, Body Pump and the beginning of swimming lessons. If you see a bright glow in the sky around 7:30pm mountain time it is not a UFO or an atmospheric phenomenon. It’s the glow of my pasty white legs. Lord help those who get to see me in a swimming suit tomorrow, I hope their retinas heal quickly.

* I did look up the lyrics.  Which, in the past, has gotten me singing the wrong ones when I was singing the right ones all along. You just never know the accuracy your source. Anyway, I prefer asking if someone is calling me Bert, which is what I thought she said, apparently she says bird. *shrug*


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