Taking a Break Today

We might go swimming later, that’s still undecided, otherwise I’m resting today.  I was napping after a 4 1/2 hour dental adventure yesterday when I stretched out my legs and felt a small pop behind my left knee then a pain. The pain comes mostly when straighten it all the way.  This morning it’s much better however, I decided to skip spinning today because I don’t want to do anything that will derail the goals.

Recap of the last couple of days: Wednesday started with spinning, where I stole someone’s bike and he was not happy. I kind of unintentionally teased him by setting up my bike then heading to the restroom. While I was gone he must have gone in and saw that ‘his’ bike set up and went to one of the others.  I knew that I was going to wipe down the bike before I got on it, I prioritized the bathroom. The gentlemen before me had a good workout and I had gotten in the room early enough to see him not wipe his bike down. ew.  When I got back to the room, I grabbed a rag and started to wipe the bike down.  I felt like I was being watched. I glance up to see a man on the other side of the bike next to me. He was moving in small quick paces, his eyes darting to the bike and the floor as he wrings his hands. Seriously? Seriously. I was warned that spinners are attached to their bikes. Normally I would have picked a bike upfront, I have one that’s shaping up to be my mate, but on this particular day I wanted to sit in the last row.  I’m sorry.  As I clicked my first shoe into the clip he lowered his head spun around and paused for a second before, what seemed like, sulking across to the complete opposite side of the room. The class wasn’t full. I would estimate that more than 50% of the bikes were empty.  Next time he can have his hard seated bike, it didn’t like me anymore than he did.

I followed that up with racquetball for just over and hour and Body Pump with a new routine. Yeah. Expecting a fat girl to dip her body for tricep exercises is unrealistic. I’m just saying.  I gave her all she’s got but I don’t have enough yet.  Or I have too much…which ever, I’m doing my best so the disappointed looks from the stage isn’t going magically push more reps out of me.

I finished out the day with our first swimming lesson and I learned that this is the activity that is keeping Kay from committing to the tri.  Understandably so, it was hard. She told me that she’d been told that the road on the course is terrible, especially for bikes. I’m blocking that out of my mind for now.  One lap winded me, I was afraid I was going to drown and I had to wear a swimming suit. Ugh. Swimming. I think it will get better as long as I stick with it, by the end of the lesson it felt better.

Yesterday was 2.5 miles on the treadmill. Slow but steady; 5.0, 5.2, 5.4. Tomorrow is 3.5 miles! Ugh.


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