Devastation…Ok, that’s a little dramatic. But Still…

I was pumped up about riding 22.8 miles this morning.  I came crashing back to the ground when the spinning instructor announced that the computer monitor displayed kilometers, not miles.

This is America! Idaho for the love of all things holy! We rejected the metric system ages ago! Now my 22.8 becomes (what feels like) a meager 14.1. Those are sad tears people. Sad, sad tears.

On a happier spinning note, I my watts were in the mid 200’s for quite  a bit of the ride today. I even kissed 300 watts on our last 30 second interval. Take that kilometers! Pffft!

I bought a foam roller at Wal.Mart over the weekend ($15). I can feel my shin splints hiding around the corner peeking out from time to time waiting for the moment to spring.  I read on a running board that foam rollers across the back of your calves can help. Yowza! There are some hot spots in there. I’ll let you know how it goes. I also used it on my lats and back….niiiiice. Painful, but nice.



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3 responses to “Devastation…Ok, that’s a little dramatic. But Still…

  1. Oooh I love my foam roller (I should use it more.. heh) but it makes me crazily annoyed that I can’t hold myself up with my arms long enough to get a really good roll on my calves. Rolling my shins and back feels awesome though! I never thought foam rolling would be a work out itself but it is for me.

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