Boing Boing Boing!

Last Tuesday night Kay and I attended a swim clinic at the local pool. (Which was much cleaner than I expected considering what I’d been told about it.) It was based on the Total Immersion method of swimming, which is what we’ve decided to base our triathlon training on. The first time I had heard of it was when my brother in-law was here for Christmas, I’m not sure when Kay first heard of it. I watched some videos and thought that I’d never look that relaxed in the water.  I still don’t.  But, I never felt panicked during the class which is different from my Wednesday night swimming lessons. There is definitely a conflict between the 2 classes.  We think they might be trying to teach us how to sprint efficiently in the swimming lessons but we want to learn how to swim distances efficiently. If you can find a Total Immersion clinic in your area I think it’s worth it. I have a lot to practice in the next 4 months.

On Wednesday I skipped cycling and tried a new class with Kay. It was called Kanga-something. Basically it’s an aerobics class while wearing these springy boots.  (If I can find the correct name I’ll try to find a link to a description.) The first thing I thought was ew…I’m not sure how often those boots get sprayed down and we share them. The second thing was about my wide big ass feet. They didn’t have a large so I tried a medium. Within 5 minutes my arches were cramping and I was loosening the straps.  By 15 minutes I had to bail on the class. It took about an hour for my feet to feel okay but I did have cramping again in swimming that night. Would a large have made a difference? I don’t know. What I do know is that my thighs were engaged IMMEDIATELY! It was like I’d never used them to propel this lardy blob forward. Here’s where the third thing came to mind, this class is an extra charge at my gym. I have friends who lived in Princeton, they paid less for their gym membership and all classes were included.  The stingy in me comes out sometimes. However, if I had the extra dough and the proper size foot attire I would seriously consider this class. I was winded with screaming thighs quite quickly.

Thursday I was tight from 2 days of swimming so running was h#ll. I bailed on the last .5 miles. I have to stop doing that.

Friday, I wrote about that. *shame*blush*rememberimhuman*

Saturday….I’d rather block out time between 11:48pm Friday night when my headache hit and 5:12pm Saturday, the last time I knelt in front of the throne. I was still sick in other ways, it was just less…traumatic.

Sunday, finally tested the water with small amounts of solid food.

Today I decided that I didn’t want to get clipped into my bike only to have something emergent happen. Taking it easy, testing the stomach with coffee…pass! YES!

Tomorrow I’m up for 4 miles on the treadmill. I’m going to stay positive but I’m not going to beat myself up if I have to walk a little.  I’ve done so little in the last 3 days though, I might have lots of energy.


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  1. Wow that class sounds interesting. 🙂 Never heard of anything like it.

    Don’t feel bad about bailing on .5. It doesn’t matter and it’s better than hurting yourself. The ups and downs I find bizarre. 6 miles without much of a problem one day, issues going 3 the next. Hard to but I try to accept that it’s just my body’s way of slowly getting better and I have to listen to it.

    Sorry you’re sick 😦 Hope you keep feeling better quickly.

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