I’ve only eeked out a few 3 milers without stopping. “Few” is probably generous. I know a lot of it is mental and honestly, 5:45am is early. After being sick all weekend and doing nothing I was even more intimidated by the 4 mile distance written down on our 10K training program.

This morning I muddled through 2 miles then ran another 1.75 but it was broken up with walks. (I don’t count the walking in my distances.) It bugged me all day.  I have to get out of my head.

The hubs and I were supposed to go lift weights tonight but the smallest (but not quietest) human in our house is ridding himself of whatever it was we had. We decided to go in shifts.  Before my turn I sat down and thought about just focusing on each minute. I made a chart that would carry me 4 miles with speed adjustments every minute.  My lowest mph was 5.3 and my highest was 6.5 (for 1 minute) the average was above 5.5. For the last 12 or so minutes I bounced between 5.5 and the next mph, increasing each time. (ex. 5.5, 5.7, 5.5,5.8, 5.5-I’m only explaining it more because I don’t think I’m doing a great job at it right now.)  And I kicked its ass!  I finished, without stopping, 4 miles in 42:38. I’ve never run that far. Ever. I can’t promise I can do it again soon but I did it tonight and that’s pretty good. Of course my legs were dead for lifting but I did get a good upper body workout in.



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  1. Awesome!! Congratulations! Love that feeling of accomplishment 🙂

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