Remember the boingy class? It’s called Kangoo Jump class. Here’s a link to the Official Website for the Kangoo Jump boots/programs. Like I said, muscles engaged and heart rate up immediately but the boots were too narrow for my feet.  You should try a class, maybe I’ll get there early enough to get a large next time and give it another whirl.

I missed spinning this week. All 3 days. I was sick for 1 of the days and my wee one was sick for 2 of them.  My goal is to make it all 3 times next week even if I’m dog tired from tending to a sick child all night.

I ran my distances this week, I have one more 3.5 mile run today to finish out my training week. I’ll have some weight lifting tonight too but my legs will be spent from running. I was supposed to lift yesterday but I got home too late to go. I wouldn’t have gotten to sleep until really late had I gone.

This week we tried 2 new classes at they gym. One will be subbed in for the Body Pump class I usually do on Wednesdays at another gym.  It’s called Powercut and I can’t find a link to a description. It’s lighter on weights than BP is, thought it does have enough to make your muscle scream, because it adds some cardio in between sets. I was saturated with sweat and my muscles (especially my calves from the jumping which meant my shins too) were tired and sore. It was a great class and instead of 1 BP class a week, because it’s at a different gym and I pay per class, I can do 2 of the Powercut classes a week. And we also tried Zumba. It was my first time. My hips were stiff and tight. After the arthritis diagnosis I just…stopped basically. They have a long way to go.  I looked and felt like a huge dork but it was a great work out! I was super sweaty. I think that will be a Friday change-of-pace class.  I’m thinking I need to add a Yoga class in there somewhere and I told Kay that I would like one day of nothing. By nothing I mean no training. I can go play racquetball or do something else fun but I don’t want it to be another training day.

Tomorrow begins the second attempt at a diet revamp. I went out to dinner for a friend’s birthday last night, while I typically don’t care for the Olive Garden (I wasn’t going to complain, a lot of people do like the OG and it wasn’t my birthday) I really loved their asiago ravioli with chicken. I ordered it with double chicken and I only ate half but holy YUM!  I’m eating the leftovers for breakfast. *blush* Hey! I can’t eat them tomorrow. : )


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