Well, This is Awkward to Discuss…It’s About Boobs, Not in a Good Way

I have boobs. It’s a fact, one that might be questionable by some standards but yes I have them.  Small boobs on a broad chest, God loves me. Talking about them might be…uncomfortable but here’s the deal, I need some help. And really, we’ve all got them some are just larger than others.

I’ve read that “jogger’s nipple” is indiscriminate. Any one, any size, any gender, any whatever can be afflicted with the joy of “jn”. Some people will actually bleed. Um…no thank you. Once I hit 3 miles “jn” decided to drop in a see what I was doing.  It’s a visitor I’d like to pretend I’m not home for. In an effort to lock the door on it I bought a new bra. No help.

Today I Goo.gled like crazy, I had 3.5 to run today so I knew it would be an issue and I do not need things popping up (haha) that will make me want to quit. Most of the advice was directed at men because women wear bras (usually) which, theoretically, should cut down on the incidence of “jn” because they tend to compress and reduce friction.  After sifting through forums and articles I decided on tape because we have some and I didn’t have time to get to the sporting good’s store. BIG mistake. It looks like someone tried to do an exorcism on my tiny and apparently demonic mammary vessels. I guess I’m sensitive to the glue used on the tape I used (the recommended 3M surgical tape) because I have two bright red crosses emblazoned on my chest.  Which really is no better than where I was before and I’d venture to guess it’s a step backward. At least my mind is at ease about vampire attacks tonight.

After the gym I made it to the store and picked up some Body Glide, it was also on the recommended ways to cut down on chafing and other ailments caused by friction.  Vaseline didn’t seem to help, the tape was a disaster…anyone have success with this? Anyone have any other suggestions? Other than to stop running?

And for the record, I made it through my 3.5 miles. I wanted to stop at 3 but pushed through it.  Maybe the mental block is a little bit weaker now.  The hubs was on the elliptical behind me prepared to yell things at me if I stopped. I’m sorry I disappointed him.  Had he told me about his plan before I ran, I might have stopped just to see the reaction on the other gym-goers’ faces.


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