Yesterday I spent about 3.5 hours at the gym! Good gravy! What is happening to me?

I had a 3.5 mile run early, at 9:30 I had PowerCut (which almost killed me again), then I went back in the evening with the hubs to do some lifting.  My run was tough but as you can tell from my post yesterday it was also a win in that the Body Glide worked. Well! Very, very well! And I stuck out the 3.5 even though I wanted to stop completely…I did stop for 2- 1 minute walks but to be fair my hips flared up yesterday and starting was not comfortable. About mid way through things seemed to mellow but they were on fire when I rolled begrudgingly out of bed.  I can feel my calves starting to tense again, which means my shin splints will soon come lurking. Speaking of, I left a comment (my first on this particular blog) on a blog about how the foam roller has helped my shin splints and she deleted it. Deleted it! What the heck is that? Don’t you blog to get support and ideas and occasionally inappropriate jokes left in the comments section? I even kept my high level of dorkiness hidden. Hm. Maybe she was having a bad day. Whatever. I hope her shin splints heal up soon. Anyhoodle…yes, Body Glide has an antiperspirant like delivery system, I’m sure there’s an easier way to describe that.  That’s a little awkward for application but I’m thinking it will get better with use. THE IMPORTANT THING was that it friggin’ worked! Like a charm! (…charms don’t really work right? So does that even make sense?) If you have chafing issues get some. I guess they have several different kinds, I used the original.

Today all I’ve got is spinning. Yay!

We’ve decided to stop our swimming lessons at the local gym and stick with the clinics that the event organizer holds. They compete against each other in method and honestly, I felt more relaxed and confident about my swimming after the clinic than I have after any of the classes. The last class was a nightmare for me. Now we have to find time for that on our own too.  And soon, next month we start the training program for the sprint triathlon. I need to have a base by then.



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3 responses to “Stuff

  1. Hi there! I just had The weirdest running experience ever ( and I hope somebody can give me some advice since I just started running and everything is new for me!
    Thank you so much!

  2. You are a total mad woman right now! I’m so impressed 🙂 *cheer*

    Glad the body glide worked. I contemplated getting some but I haven’t ever had the chafing issues I thought I’d have. My “girls” are pretty stuffed into my sports bra so definitely no chafing going on there… haha

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