Taking It Easy

I’m taking this week super easy. No extras. I’ve been trying to hit spinning at least twice a week, the hubs and I life weights 2 nights a week; 2 weeks ago Kay and I added a powercut class twice a week and Zumba on Fridays. Plus running and any swimming we get in.

I went to visit my physical therapist yesterday. I’ve been having some shoulder pain and some knee and quad pain. I need to work on my rotator cuff muscles and build some quad muscles…I thought I had been, they sure feel stronger. I have quad tendonitis and a little bit of knee cap tracking issues the good news is that both should get better over time as I build strength so at this point I can keep training. I’ve also developed this pain in my calves, could be dehydration because I’m not always the best at getting in fluids. In any case, aside from the swim clinic tonight, I’m going to make sure I get my running days in this week and some real stretching time. Nothing else. It helps that baby sitters are difficult to find for weekday evenings while school is in so no lifting for the hubs and I, my mother in law is on vacation so this also means no Friday Zumba.  It seems like the stars aligned for this break.

Maybe next week I will feel all refreshed. I’ll need it, the PT added 6 new exercises to my routine to ward off my pending injuries and a couple of painful stretches.


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