Woes of a Fat Girl Trying to Complete a Triathlon

Clothes. I loathe…nay…despise…whatever you get the point…for the love of God and all things holy and great in this world I hate clothes shopping for “normal” things. Shopping for clothes that I can buy baggy and loose in a futile attempt to hide my disappointment with my binge eating emotionally bruised and inflated body, makes me cringe. Hate it. Avoid it. Really don’t care for it.  I hate it only slightly less than I hate beets and if you know me you know that’s A.LOT.

Shopping for clothes to wear during the triathlon has introduced me to a brand new realm in the scope of abhorring something. A realm in which I must find a skin-tight suit suitable enough to contain the robust and amply padded torso I have created through years of hiding from myself behind food. It makes me want to eat a donut and say screw it.  But I won’t. But I want to. But I can’t.

I’m going to have to rent a mens size for this season.* Sweet Jesus. I’m sorry to anyone who might fall witness to this spectacle.

*Um…I just realized I said this season…what the hell does that mean? WHERE ARE MY OREOS?!?



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3 responses to “Woes of a Fat Girl Trying to Complete a Triathlon

  1. Matt

    Sounds like you are forming a new addiction, or I should say dedication in life. Here’s to many seasons and may you get the wet suit you desire.

  2. Amanda

    I stole your oreos. Come beat me up and stay for coffee. 😉

    I wish I had your dedication. I’m proud of what you’re doing! Keep on rocking it.

  3. Oh no, I didn’t even think about this. I hear you on your hatred of clothes shopping. I have trouble buying work out clothes too (THIS is not a damn XXL… wtf…) I know whatever you end up wearing, you’ll be so proud to have finished you won’t care 🙂 During the half marathon, I honestly never thought to myself “wow they look horrible” referring to the outfits of anyone running that day.

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