Ugh. Ugh.

5 miles in 56:13. That includes a 3 1/2 minute warm up and 2 1/2 minute walk after mile 3 because I’m not sure my feet like my new running shoes. So…I walk at 3.3 mph…mental math (yeah right, I used paper)…4.67 miles in 50:13…10:45/mile, still slow but I’ll take it. Especially since I wanted to be anywhere else in the world today. Almost. There are some places I’m glad I’m not.  I know I’ll be slower outside without the belt of doom pushing me along. I’m dreading it.

I hope my shoes break in soon. My feet are not happy.  My shins said hi too, off to foam roller and stretch the crap out of my calves.



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  1. You might be surprised – when I started running outside, I found that I actually ran faster. There was definitely a mental block for me on the treadmill, and once I got outside it was lifted. When will you start running outside?

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