My Get Up and Go Must of Got Up and Went

I’m not sure what happened. Maybe there’s a leak in the fuel line. Maybe, most likely, I’m not using the right fuel.  The engine, she isn’t humming like she was.  (I’m not sure she every really hummed per se…) The horse power (I so want to make a sarcastic and wonderfully self-deprecating joke right here but I won’t) is a little off. Sluggish. I thought last week’s ‘break’ would revive me but it seems to have made my get up and go, well,  get up and go.

I’m getting my running in but spinning? Nope. Swimming. Nope. The Powercut classes? Nope. I did go lift with the hubs last night, that’s something.

The weather is crappy.  The hubs and I tried to go for a run outside 2 days ago. At 2 it was sunny, which made my brain think it was nicer than it was. Man, those sun rays felt gooood.  By the time he got home from work it was starting to flurry, the wind had picked up and the sun was hiding.  The thin workout pants I had on were not cutting it so we turned around a lot sooner than we had planned. The skin on my thighs stung from the cold. I’m not sure what I was thinking, I should have dressed for it. We’ve run in subzero before and I was warmer than I was Monday evening because I dressed for it. Curse you Punxsutawney Phil! You got my hopes up.

My arthritis is acting up. My hips have been protesting the last couple of days and my neck is joining in the fun. It’s kept me awake a few nights just trying to find the right position to settle down in.  I was hoping the swimming would help with that, I’m not sure it is yet.  OA isn’t supposed to hit until you’re older but I’m lucky. They think there’s a genetic component at play. It’s weird to move your head back and forth and hear crunching and cracking throughout the motion. I also hear a tick when I run, I can’t tell where it’s coming from yet. It takes my focus off the fact I’m running sometimes, I guess that’s the upside. It doesn’t seem to be creating any extra soreness or pain so I’m going to keep building support muscle and trying to get healthier in general.

The diet is not going well. I’m struggling. Pfft.

Whatever is causing this funk, I need to shake it. I need my get up and go to come back.


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  1. Amanda

    Ugh! Here’s hoping that you you can get back on track. It’s so hard when you get off.

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