Say What?

I missed my Thursday run, I was making a cake and getting a baby fix (I’m not sure I can post a picture of her).
I also missed most of my other workouts this week because I found some dumb reason not to go, well not every reason was dumb but honestly, most were.

Though I walked into the gym with the reservations and doubt, today I ran the farthest I’ve ever run. I walked for 4 1/2 minutes in the warm up then kicked out 5.1 miles in 54:55! Holla! Still slow, just under 11 minute miles but today I couldn’t care last. I ran 5 miles! My fat arthritic ass ran 5 miles! Sweet! My hip ticked at me and my feet are still unsure of my shoes but I worked it out and finished.

We can only go for 60 minutes at a time so next week, when I’m supposed to tackle 6 miles, I’ll have to be quick on the reprogramming…or hope for some nice weather to go outside in. : )

Happy Saturday!!



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6 responses to “Say What?

  1. Awesome run! And you probably can’t comment on other blogs because with Tumblr, you have to set up a service with a third party comment application so that non-Tumblrs can comment. Most people don’t go the extra mile to set it up 😦

  2. Mandy

    Awesome on the five miles! And you could have posted a picture, I wouldn’t have minded. πŸ˜‰

  3. Mandy

    Sorry that we were part of the reason you missed your run on Thursday.

    • OH NO! It was totally worth it and the cake was what primarily kept me from the gym…and my husband and his lack of remembering that I have to do things too and his procrastination trickles down to me. : ) It’s not like I could have gotten up early and gone or anything. I wouldn’t trade a baby fix, I can run another day. : )

  4. Is that pic of wheels the cake?! If it is, I’m seriously impressed. It looks great!

    Congrats on 5 miles! That is completely awesome! It’s crazy how sometimes that ability just busts out of nowhere.

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