Temporary Lapse

My husband has been gone since last Saturday. My freedom to head out the door in the morning before he leaves for work or when he gets home from work evaporated. My mother in law helps us out tremendously but she has a life too and she doesn’t live with us so access is limited.  I also prefer not to pass on the adventure of getting my boys up and out the door in the morning for school. I missed spinning this morning and I didn’t get to swim at all this week.  I missed weight lifting because I was waiting for the cable guy to come sometime between 9 and 5 only to get a call at 4:27 that it was a block wide problem and they would be coming by. Thanks. Inside I am panicking a little because I decided that I’m probably going to move my first sprint triathlon up a month. I’m still doing the one in May but now I’m eying one at the end of April. I’m not sure how prepared I’m going to be because the time is ticking away and he leaves again in  2 weeks which means there’s going to be another lapse. I can’t afford  lapses but I’m going to have to figure out how to work through them. Unfortunately with these lapses comes gained pounds from stress/emotional/trying to cope eating. I think I’m up 3 pounds. Crap.

*Let me add that I know there are people whose spouses are deployed or work away from home the majority of the time and they have to deal with working it out every day. I shouldn’t be complaining. If we were in one of those situations I’d have something set up but we don’t always know when he’s traveling so it’s not something we’ve figured out yet.

I’ve also been annoyingly negative about where I’m at. I gotta shake this off because I’ve come pretty far. Sometimes I get stuck.

Oh and my head. It’s burning. My scalp really. That usually happens right before I lose a bunch of hair. If you don’t remember I have alopecia, it’s a side effect of my PCOS. I let it grow out a little (about 2″) since my last shave.  It’s been about a year or so but I’ve been obsessing again about how thin it’s getting and how far back it’s receded. The focus needs to be shifted. I know it’s not the most feminine hair style for a middle-aged woman but it’s better than battling the desire to never leave my house again and it sure makes camping nicer. Please vote below…do I just shave it now or do I have my friends give me a mohawk for The Warrior Dash in 3 weeks then buzz it off?



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2 responses to “Temporary Lapse

  1. OMG. Mohawk. So badass.

    And don’t negate your feelings just because some other women may have it worse – everything is relative, and you’re entitled to feel however you feel.

  2. Oh I am so down with the mohawk!! 🙂

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