The Sun is Out!

I need to start measuring things in small victories. Today Kay and I decided to run the loops for next week. In the end we only did 1 loop.  Her knee was acting up and my hip flexors were chiming in so we decided to save them for next Saturday.

My victory was 3 fold. First I ran the loop without stopping. I bet I stopped at least twice a mile when we ran it in December. The second is that we talked. Like, in real sentences not just grunts and groans.  The third was that I still had more in me when we decided to stop. In December we ran the loop in 38:12, talking during my walks was almost impossible and when I crossed the line I was done. D.O.N.E. As in almost dead.  It still took us 36:11 to finish today but we had more in us. MORE IN US! Imagine what we can do with that?

I’m not as scared as I was for the 10K. I recognize that I may have to walk a little and I may be slow but I got this. I got this! And to think I was going to skip out today because I have a belly ache and my bum hip was saying “heeeyyya!”.  I read this story via this blogger’s blog and decided I needed to quit my whining and get out there. And I don’t regret it one bit!



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2 responses to “The Sun is Out!

  1. Amanda

    That is awesome! Keep on rockin’ it, girlfriend!

  2. Awesome victories! I remember having similar ones myself. I just ran a whole mile without a walking break? Holy shit! I don’t feel like I can’t get enough air while jogging anymore? Whoa. Remembering the little victories is a skill I need to find again.

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