Dog Days

I took Jack, our 100+ pound black lab whose not really fat just a large mutant, for a quick trip around the river. 2.38 miles. I left my car as the time turned to 5:02 and returned in time to see it turn to 5:27. Not bad for getting tripped 3 or 4 times and dragging him away from the geese, plus he stopped to do his duty.

Last fall I couldn’t make it around the loop without stopping a couple of times.



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2 responses to “Dog Days

  1. Matt

    Progress! Now I can’t run with you. You are too fast. Flash, Ah ahhhhh. Savior of the universe??? Wait, that is Flash Gordon, not the Flash. Anyway. Hope you are seeing how much progress you’ve made. Keep it up.

  2. Ahh being able to compare like that is priceless. You are doing great!

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