The Past Couple of Days I Learned That…

A drink goes a lot farther when you’re dehydrated. I’m not a big drinker these days, in college I enjoyed going out with my friends on a regular basis. We’d cut a rug while we imbibed more Long Island Iced Teas than should be legal. If it has a straw I forget how to moderate.  In these later years, I tend to pass more often than not but every now and then the mood strikes. Saturday night I had a few drinks at a school auction, 4 in 3 1/2 hours. Should be manageable right?  I think I was still buzzed in the morning and continued to breathe vapors for most of the next day. Granted the male bartender was a little more generous with the gin, but still.

I’m trying to suck everyone I meet into the fitness vortex I’ve been pulled into. To the point I wonder if they think I’m hinting about their appearance, which is not the case. Look at me. Seriously. I’m just really enjoying doing things I didn’t think I could do before and I’d to have more people to do this with and in all honesty, keep me accountable.

The 10K went really well. We finished in 1:10, that’s about an 11:40 mile. Last year we did one loop in 38:12.  We kicked ass even if we were last.

First 10K!

Excuse my crazy hair, it will be gone next week. (I want to pick apart my body in this photo, I have to keep reminding myself that I’m coming up on 30 pounds lost so I need to shut it!) The hubs showed up for the 5K, the boy was complaining about the cold and that’s my sleek training buddy Kay on the right.  After, the hubs, the boys and I went swimming then the hubs and I lifted weights. We added some free weights to the routine, my body yelled at me Sunday. Loudly.

I picked up my bike on Friday. We were supposed to go for a ride yesterday but I wimped out. It was cold and windy and I don’t have all the clothing I need yet. I want to like my first ride so I want to do it more.

Totally loving this sock shop! I bought the bumble bee knee highs, the cloud knee highs and the stripes and skulls knee highs. Unfortunately my husband didn’t tell me what I giant dork I looked like heading out in my bumble bee knee highs on my bike last night. Don’t worry, my 11-year-old let me know when I got home.  As if he’s always at the pinnacle of fashion.

Buzz Buzz!


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  1. *CHEER!* Congrats on the 10k!

    I wear crazy patterned knee high socks all the time in cold weather. I love them. My favorites right now are pink with purple elephants. I love your bumble bee ones!

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