Moving On

Okay. I’ve completed the 10K now it’s on to the Warrior Dash on April 2. I’ve read it’s not that difficult, mostly fun. I can run the distance so I’m not overly worried. I’m going for fun anyway, mohawk and tutu as proof.

I have the Bengal Sprint Triathlon April 22-23. The swim portion is the night before and our bike start time is based on our swim finish time.  I’m concerned because with the hubs travel schedule lately, my schedule has been effected. This is panicking me so close to the triathlon. I’m not sure how much brick work I will be able to squeeze in. Hopefully I’ll get some descent time in before the Rigby Lake Sprint May 28.

I’m also concerned because the weather has not allowed me to actually get out and ride my bike yet.  It snowed last night. >: (

In other news I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon. The Teton Dam 1/2. I’m skeered. I looked into the Las Vegas full marathon but the cut off time to finish was 4 1/2 hours. Um. Probably not going to happen and it’s not a cheap event to enter if I don’t have a chance at making the cut off time. I’ll keep watching it to see what happens. I’ve seen quite a few comments about the cut off time being unrealistic for many new runners, maybe the organizers will take notice.

I have to say again that I love the new running store in town, Teton Running Company. I returned the second pair of shoes that I picked up there for a sizing issue. No hassles. So awesome! So awesome to have shoes in my size too! I told them I’m so used to having to order online and settle for what I get that having options is a new thing for me. They also chatted with me about electrolytes and fueling, things I’m going to need to start thinking about.



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2 responses to “Moving On

  1. Nice job on completing your 10k AND signing up for the half! I totally hear you about finishing time, but sometimes it’s out of the control of the race directors – the city may not allow roads to stay closed for so long. It sucks, because it means we slow runners are at a disadvantage, but there are always other races!

  2. Do the Las Vegas half and we can say hi to each other there 🙂 My sister and I are planning to do that one again. This year it’s apparently going to be at night instead of in the morning. I think that will make it even more fun!

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