Around The Block

First Bike Ride!

I have to gather a list of must haves for my biking adventures. Shoe covers to keep my toes from freezing are on that list but I’ll probably wait too long to get them then forget until fall when I will lament not having gotten them sooner. We made it out for my first road bike ride today, riding the back roads through the farmland out by our houses. The wind is a pain in the butt but it’s what we get here so there isn’t much I can do about it except get better at riding in it. We averaged about 15 mph on about a 14 mile ride if we count the ride to and from our meeting spot. Not too shabby. I whipped out my phone and took that shot about midway through the ride. It was nice to be outside even if my toes were completely numb.

I just want to take a minute to highly recommend a bike fitting if the shop you’re purchasing your bike from offers them. It was a little extra but so worth it.

Off to make some Zucchini Parmesan.  I skip the dredging and just dust the zucchini with garlic powder and sear the sides in a spritz of Pam. I also use less cheese, not because I want to but because I need to. I completely agree with the assertion that eggplant is made by the devil.

I will be posting the schedule I hope to keep for the next 2 months soon. It has to include triathlon training, 1/2 marathon training, 60 mile bike  ride training and some flexibility. Easy peasy. Pfft!



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2 responses to “Around The Block

  1. I added some left over grilled chicken and mushrooms this time around. YUM!

  2. You’re crazy! Eggpant = delicious.

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