Say It Isn’t So!

Like one might throw out a piece of inconsequential trivia my training partner, though we’ve been pretty separate lately, threw out that she’s not going to run anymore.  Just like that. As she ushered her kids to the car after dinner without much emotion, just blah. There it was. Rolling around on the ground like the piece of paper that blew out of my car that I had to chase down to step on so I could pick it back up.

Then I got to thinking…one of her resolutions for this year was to try to like running. I’m going to work that angle. We’re just exiting the 3rd month of the year. How much has she tried to like it?

Okay, so I get it. She doesn’t like it. It’s not her thing, but she’s kicking butt at it. She’s improving at it. But I get it. There’s no runner’s high for me yet and my hip has had a catch in it the last couple of days so running (and walking) has been painful and pimpish. Dip…dip…dip. Swagger. It popped after my run so I’m hopeful for tomorrow’s long run. However, I’m getting on a bike in 5 weeks to ride 60 friggin’ miles. SIX ZERO! As a trade-off for her not liking running but sticking with me.  We need to keep a balance here.

Is this a zero mileage running announcement? A 10K and less announcement? Her way of getting me not to ask her about the Teton Dam half? Does this mean she won’t be doing anymore triathlons after Rigby? Or does this mean that’s what the trade will be? Triathlons because there’s more than running. Did we vote on this? Do I get to vote on this? I demand a recount! This will not do. It simply will not do.



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3 responses to “Say It Isn’t So!

  1. Cheryl

    You don’t need anyone. You can do it by yourself. You always could. So do it!

  2. Oh no! I hope she comes around but, if she really doesn’t run anymore, I’m sending you strength to keep it up without her! I know it would be so crappy if my sister didn’t want to run with me anymore but I think I’d really want to continue anyway. Good luck!

  3. Amanda

    What?! C-R-A-Z-Y!!

    Yeah, I think you deserve a little more of a conversation than to just drop it like that and walk away. Wow.

    But I agree with Cheryl. You’ve totally got this.

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