Things have been mildly out of control in my brain lately. To say I’m sabotaging myself would be kind. While my husband laughs at what I’ve been binging on, nuts and trail mix, it’s still binging. The decoration doesn’t really matter. It seems like it’s all coming apart when I really need it to stay together. Schedules and trips and life, just sticking their fingers in my pie and screwing it up. Don’t touch my food!

I tried to swim on Monday which was a fail because there were no lanes up so it was a free for all. After dodging jumping kids and beach balls, I finally gave up when someone walked right in front of me and I ran into him.  He thought it was hilarious. He was unaware how the rest of my day had gone. It was not. Then the front desk guy shared some “man, you’re stupid” attitude when he explained to me that next time I could make a lane myself. You just put this here and screw that there. I wanted to screw something all right but again I was tainted by the day so I just turned and walked out. I wasn’t complaining either, just asking if there was a reason all the lanes were down. I don’t think I’ve ever been there when there wasn’t at least one lane up. Whatever.

Yesterday I showed up for the 7:30pm spinning class, only that class is today and I was 45 minutes late for the 6:30 class. Ha! I hesitated for a moment while I seriously considered giving up and going home but instead I headed to the ladies gym area because I was wearing my eh-stretchy pants and those are not to be seen in the light. Only in dark spinning rooms. I did intervals. 10 minutes of biking, I averaged 2.8 miles each segment, and then I did 5 minutes of running where I averaged .47 miles per 5 minutes.

Last night this video was posted on Daily Mile and I watched it over and over.

Today it’s cold, breezy and it’s trying to decide if it should rain or snow or both. The hubs is meeting me for a noon time run, hopefully 7 miles. We’ll break it into 11 minute running/1 minute walking segments like we did last time, he’s still starting and I don’t mind breaks.   I’ve contemplated bailing unfortunately that’s hard to use cold as an excuse when I showed up to the Thanksgiving run this year and it was negative degrees out.

Every day I pass the Pipe Co, they have a sign out front that they put quotes and sayings on. The one that’s on there right now keeps yelling at me, I’ll try to get a picture of it when I head across town for my run today. It says something like “To achieve great things, you first have to believe.”  I’m not sure what is considered a great thing, I imagine that’s subjective but I get the having to believe part, that’s where my toe catches the curb.

Tomorrow we head out for the Warrior Dash. My wave is 11:30am on Saturday.  My sister in-law gave me a kickass mohawk and my friend Mandy made me a big girl tutu! This is going to be so much fun!

My cat is missing. I’ve had her for almost 16 years, she was 2 or 3 when I found her. It’s been cold and snowy since the day she escaped in a huff over being left for the weekend. I hope she’s home by the time I get back.



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2 responses to “Spinning

  1. Amanda

    Have fun this weekend! Maybe doing something so crazy as the Warrior Dash will help to reset some things for you. I wish that I could tag along for the mini-getaway.

    Can’t wait to see pics and hear all about it. Fingers crossed that kitty makes it home soon.

  2. Wow that video is amazing. Good luck with the Warrior Dash! I hope you have a lot of fun 🙂 And I hope your cat is found/comes back soon.

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