A Warrior

The warrior dash was a lot of fun. I started to feel like butt the night before the race and continued to feel like it into the next evening. It didn’t stop me from over eating but it stopped me from feeling well.

We approached the race with a “no one gets behind” attitude and ran with another group of girls. We stopped quite often so I was actually surprised to see our time was only around 55 minutes.

The obstacles, with the exception of the horizontal cargo next and the quicksand-like mud at the end were pretty easy to navigate. And if you didn’t want to do one, we saw people walking around them. At one point they were bracing the vertical cargo net climb as we were climbing over it. That made me feel safe.

For all of the fun I had, at the end of the day when I saw the pictures, I was embarrassed and self-conscious about how I looked my get up. I managed to taint a great experience by mentally berating myself about my appearance.  I can’t imagine it was as bad as my brain is saying it is. My friends didn’t say “Hey, you should really rethink that. It makes you look like one of the hippos in Fantasia.” and they would have…right? So I’m moving forward with my next set of goals and not looking back.

I’m still feeling off today. Physically and mentally. I’m not sure if it’s all the junk I ate or it’s a combo of the junk and sitting in the car or if my sunburn has anything to do with it. My plan is to work through it and not let it derail me.



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3 responses to “A Warrior

  1. um hi. you did not look in the least bit hippo-esque!!! you look thin and fit and wonderful. and i am jealous of how you look! (jealous, yet not willing to do the WORK that you have done.)

    when do the pictures match what we want to see?

    i am sorry that you were feeling so yucky.

    and mostly sorry that i wasn’t there.


  2. Congrats!! 🙂 You did it!

    I want to hear more about it! What kinds of obstacles were there? Did the harder ones slow you down a lot? How long was the race (maybe I should know this one…)? Were there tons of people? Did people walk?

    Granted the pic is teeny tiny but I don’t think you look bad at all. You look great! I love the pink top and the tu-tu! ❤ I hear you on the self-judging though, I do it too. Others see confidence (not just outward appearance) and that really plays a big role but it's so hard to be confident with the negative thoughts. Everyone has flaws – I try to remind myself of that 🙂

    • Oooh I’m dumb. I just realized I could click on the pic to make it bigger 🙂 And I still think you look awesome! And wow the scenery is just beautiful. One more question though – your arms and legs are covered in mud! Did that annoy you? I think it might bother me… haha

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