A Mixed Salad

This post will be a mixed salad.

First, my first sprint is in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! What in the heck was I thinking?!? Deep breath in and internal shriek…I’ve been doing back to back workouts without any transition practice once a week for about 3 weeks. Last week I did intervals on the bike and treadmill for my bricks. Yesterday I ran 3.1 miles then went spinning.  I need to get outside but it’s spitting snow again today so for now I’ll have to hope the indoor stuff is going to get me enough to finish.

Second, the Warrior Dash in more detail. I felt like doodoo on the day of the race. I was bloated (I’m a big girl anyway…wooh) and my stomach hurt, probably from eating like doodoo and travel does weird things to my normally regular routine. The hardest part was the first mile. There are was so much built up anticipation for the obstacles it seemed to take forever to hit the first one. Plus the road was dirt so it was uneven and there were sandy parts and sections they muddied up.  (If Kay reads this I hope she will add any obstacles I forget.) The first obstacle was the hay bales. They were not round like the photo showed but stacked  5-6 bales high in a pyramid form(1). They are taller than I thought, or I have short legs… I do have short squat legs but they were still taller than I thought. Next we climbed over some junk cars, marched through some tires then over another junk car (2). The third obstacle was over and under. We “hopped” over a wall then under a barricade (3), there were 4 or 5 sets. The under part was harder than the over for me.  Then we ran through what I can only describe as the mud that resulted from years of dairy farm run off. I wanted to puke and immediately started to spin about any parasites or bacteria I could be picking up. I tried not to speak during this part lest a stray drop make it into my mouth.  Then we used a rope to help us up and over a wall (4). Once you could grab the top, you used your toes to catch the 1-2″ shelf created at the board seams. It was easier than I thought it would be. Now my memory gets fuzzy. I think we went through a spiderweb next (5).  A box frame that had crisscrossing bungee cord-like rope strung across it. Some people stayed low, we used our feet to hold down some and our arms to hold up some so that people could walk through. I, not wanting to slap anyone with the cords, stood there longer than I should have and finally let them go. Slowly of course. Then we hit the hardest obstacle to me, the horizontal cargo net (6). The frame it was on was about 5′ tall so you climbed up the side, made your way across the top over the cargo netting then back down. Some people chose to roll this, I found a support beam and tried to use that. Not wise. Then we crossed a ditch on wooden planks (7). Then up a small ravine using a board with a knotted rope that was not needed (8). Then we went up the vertical cargo net tower (9). They were bracing this as we climbed it, that was rather unnerving.  Then it we jumped over 2 rows of fire (10). Last was the mud pit which was like quick sand and had strands of barbed wire above it (11).  For the first waves of the race (we were in the second wave) all of barbed wire was intact, I think we ducked under 4 or five strands, and the mud was thick. In later waves most of the barbed wire was missing and the mud was much more soupy.

Would I do it again? You bet your @ss I would! It was a great time, better because of the people I was with. Our times were more in line with walking but we stopped to wait for people and helped people through obstacles so I’m not upset with my time at all. Plus I felt like dung and I still did it, that’s what matters.  I’m still working on my brother to do a Tough Mudder with me next summer. He and his wife are faster and stronger than I am though. I might just die trying to keep up with them.

Next item. Food. I love it. I’m struggling with it. I need to start tracking it but I’m in denial. Let me sit there for a few more minutes. Pleeeease. No? Fine. I’ll start after my colonoscopy next week. I’ll have a clean slate. Har har! I like puns. No worries, it’s just a regular screening. This probably isn’t the most appetizing “here’s a recipe” segue.

I should have taken pictures of the chicken souvlaki pita with tzatziki sauce as I made it but I didn’t. That’s okay, the website I borrowed it from is never short on illustrations.  The hardest part of this recipe was remembering to put the chicken in the marinade several hours in advance. I think the chicken would taste great on salad too so you could skip the bread. The sauce is pretty good to, I added garlic to mine and I’ve seen it with avocado in it before. I guess you could pick one you like but this one was worth trying.



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2 responses to “A Mixed Salad

  1. Amanda

    Next summer is a ways away and you’ll be stronger and faster by then. I think you’ll easily be able to hold your own. Just keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Holy crap you are awesome! I cannot imagine getting through those obstacles. I’d love to watch a race like that sometime though! 🙂

    That recipe… I didn’t have lunch and I haven’t had dinner yet…. mMmmmMmmm *drool*

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