That’s how my diet is going.

I’ve been bouncing around between 20- 25 pounds lost. No real movement in the last month. I’ve got 50-60 to go. I gotta shake this funk off.

I’ve been doing bricks at the gym for 4 weeks, yesterday we did one outside and I couldn’t run the whole mile after the ride.

Less than a month ago I ran 6.2.

I have to run 13.24 in 9 weeks.

Idaho wind + bike + no toe covers = frozen toes. My toe covers came today. They seem too thin to do much.

It was beautiful this morning but my jogging stroller steers itself which pisses me off and then I get all “this *beep*ing sucks!” and don’t want to run so I didn’t go out because it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy but I was clinging onto the hope that it would still be nice when the hubs got home. It’s not.

My one piece tri suit came today. Ohmyfeckinggeediggity! What in the crap was I thinking? It’s not pretty. Well, it has a pretty blue top half, it’s just not pretty on.

I’m self doubting right now. Spinning.

My schedule is not panning out and I need to make it pan out.

On a side note my oldest son and I went on a bug finding trip with our fly fishing entomology class and we had a great time. His grandpa bought him his first fly rod and he’s anxious to use it. Too bad neither of us know what we’re doing yet.

Yeah, the diet.  I need to plan ahead. I’m lazy.




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2 responses to “Craptastic

  1. None of that self-doubt! You’ve put in the work, you’ve trained hard. You’ve GOT THIS.

  2. Amanda

    I’m always willing to take the Sprout for you! My days are typically open, let me help you get your schedule to pan out!

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