100 Push Up Challenge

I’ve started this before and never finished it. I decided to try again this morning. It’s something I can do at home in a spare few minutes.

I can’t do push ups. I definitely can not do a proper push up so girly it is. My initial test on the proper push ups resulted in a big fat goose egg so I start in column one. For today I did 2, 3, 2, 2, max (this was 5 for me *shame*) with a 60 second rest in between sets.

I’m thinking about reading up on the squat challenge.



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3 responses to “100 Push Up Challenge

  1. Oooh I’m in! I can’t check right now – I’m at work and my office mate would think I was really weird if I laid down on the floor and tried to do a push up 😉 – but I will do the initial test when I get home. I can’t imagine that I can do a normal one, so girlie it is for me too.

  2. I half-assedly tried some push ups last night and I think I can do one real, non-girlie push up. That was surprising. I did a few girlie ones so I think I’ll just start at rank 1. I didn’t actually do the work-out last night though so I’ll give it a better go tonight.

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