People Really Run With Their Dogs Huh?

Ultimately I’d like to get up most mornings and take our dog out for a quick run. Eventually it will be both dogs but right now I’m not sure the 5 month old is up for it yet.  I certainly am not.

This morning was day 1 of this quest.  It began with me hitting snooze several times and trying to formulate justifiable reasons for me to skip it. On the first day. I’m so awesome.  Luckily “I’m tired” and “it’s so warm in this bed” didn’t sound like a good enough reasons. Remember when I was going to the gym at 5:45am and then the hubs went on a trip and I had to rearrange? I still haven’t recovered. Evening is my BFF, morning is more like that acquaintance of a friend  that you say hi to from time to time because you don’t want to be rude but you don’t really like them.

I managed to get up and get out. 2.08 miles, 23:18 = 11:12 min/mile.  I think it would have been slightly under 11 had we not had to stop 4 times for Jack to use the facilities and had he not tripped me or tried to wrap himself around the mailbox as I hissed at him. I’m trying not to die here dog, pay attention! He’s a good dog but he’s either right up on me or he’s trying to see how far he can stretch the leash.  We both need some practice and discipline.

At least we have a fairly accurate base for measuring progress.  I’d like to get that time to 20 minutes. It’s not record-breaking but it would be improvement.

I’m having mini panic attacks about the Bengal Tri.  I swim the day before which takes some of the pressure off but I’m scared. I’m a still a big girl. A big girl who had managed to find little ways to sabotage herself in the last couple of weeks.  I know it’s about me and no one else who lines up with me at the line but what if I disappoint myself?  What if it all goes wrong that day? What if my hips flare up that day? I think the only thing that will truly disappoint me right now is a DNF. Am I kidding myself by thinking that? I have a goal finish time, I’ll post it before I head to the swim. I’m hoping I gave myself enough wiggle room, it seems like it’s slow compared to others but reasonable for me to hit. Comfort zone, consider it pushed.


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One response to “People Really Run With Their Dogs Huh?

  1. Hah I wonder that same thing (your title). That’s one of the main reasons I started jogging, to take Riv with me, but do I now? Nope. I realized I don’t want to stop my already under-motivated jog to let him take a shit in someone else’s yard or in the road and then pick it up. Not to mention jog with a bag full of shit the rest of the way. Bleh. Even when I waited until I knew he’d just gone in my yard, sometimes he would still go again!

    If the only problem for you is a randomly wandering dog, I’d say you first need to do some heeling work with him. When he can heel well at a walk, start to increase your pace bit by bit. Riv usually heels fine but I’ve let him take “leasurely” walks not heeling, which I should never have done. Now, if I’m vigilant, he’ll heel for a jog but he (we) definitely needs work. Maybe someday I’ll get over picking up poo and start taking him with me 🙂

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