200 Squats

I decided to pick up this challenge too. Why not? Our gym time keeps getting cut maybe this will help in some small way.

The initial test put me in the good bracket for my age. I started Week 3 Second Column yesterday.

Joining me?



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2 responses to “200 Squats

  1. Ugh I don’t think I’ll be doing this one. I tried to do a squat yesterday after reading your link and 1. my positioning is crap – no clue what I’m doing wrong but I feel like I lean forward way too much – and 2. it hurts my knees like crazy.

    • I bet you’re letting your knees move past your toes, I feel it in my knees then too. I have to put my arms up like a sun solute because my back is pretty tight to get the right position otherwise. Try some wall sits.

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