Running in Circles

Holy frick! On Friday I have my swim…can’t…breathe…drowning…  I haven’t been in the pool in 2 weeks. Why? …because. That’s all I’ve got. I got mad at the attitude of the counter guy at my gym and it is a pain in the butt to try to get a lane there and then there’s dodging people who don’t really care that you’re in a lane or swimming laps so I haven’t been to that pool. The other option is the aquatic center. I don’t have a reason other than time for why I haven’t been there.

Even though I say I just want to finish, I don’t want to be last. I will admit that if any one of the people I know said that they came in last I would congratulate them for even trying because putting yourself out there and trying is huge in itself. I still don’t want to be last. I’m just being honest. I don’t think I’m better or deserve higher standards, I think it’s easier to find praise for others and criticism for yourself.

So my ire* over the crappy attitude of the front desk guy and musical chair-like scheduling where swimming to the hit has ended up kicking me in the ass. Will I learn my lesson? Time will tell.

In other news, the hubs and I went out and ran a 5 miler in 54:29. It’s just barely under 11 min/miles but I’ll take it.  The wind was pretty strong that day and I had to stop for side stitches while we were running into the wind. There’s potential in that time. : ) My right Achilles isn’t sure how it feels about it, I’m trying to convince it that it’s a good thing with some extra babying.

I decided to restart the 100 Push Ups and 200 Squats challenges today. I have already done both workouts.

I’m still struggling with the diet. Or not struggling enough depending how you look at it.

*It was more of an annoyance but ire adds a more dramatic effect don’t you think?


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