My Goggles

They have a leak in them. At first I thought it was fog so I bought some wipes but then on lap 3 today I realized nope, it’s a leak.  Luckily it is tiny so I didn’t really do anything except make the vision in my left eye extremely blurry when I got done with the swim. Did you know chlorine could do that?  It’s kind of alarming.

I’m a 4 stroke, 4 quick breaths (sometimes 4 long breaths) swimmer. If I breathe every 2 strokes I think I’m going to hyperventilate and with limited range of motion in my neck it’s more comfortable to be a right side only breather. I need more time in the pool.

The hubs was counting in the stands and I had a counter counting for me so I just swam. And noticed the slightly see through shorts the guy was wearing next to me. They had a bright yellow band and his feet came into my lane from time to time. And I noticed how many times my lane mate lapped me. It caused some internal panic when my lane mate would swim past me and splash me or water would rush into my mouth from her very tiny wake.  I’m going to have to prepare for that in when it comes to Rigby which is an open water swim where I will have a lot more lane mates to get splashed by. When my counter leaned down to tell me it was my last lap I asked if she meant me…um yeah, she was only timing me. Dork. The hubs said that while I wasn’t fast compared to my lane mate, I was very consistent. I stayed right around 1:18 for each lap without much variation.  I don’t know how to flip turn kick or whatever it’s  called, so I lost time with each turn. That’s okay. It was my first time out. In the end I pulled out 700 yards in 18:11. Something to build from.



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2 responses to “My Goggles

  1. Carrie

    So proud of you, Jess. I used to rock the flipturn in 7th grade– I’m sure you’ll be able to master it. I’d like to NOT hear more about Mr-see-through-swim-trunks!

  2. Amanda

    “Something to build from.” I say, something to be proud of! It’s a fantastic start. Be proud of what you accomplished today. Not only have you completed the first leg of a triathlon, you blew by your goal time.

    Keep on rocking it friend.

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