Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Or any other part of my body. I’m worried my morning constitution will want to occur while I’m riding or running. Looking at last year’s times I’m sure to be last, I think I need to just sit back and do my best and not worry too much about my times count on being last and hope for a surprise.

We ride a 15 mph average here, but it’s windy on the other hand this it’s a low grade hill climb out and we haven’t done squat for hills. I’m hoping to average 16 mph between the out and back. That would give me a 45 minute ride time if it really is a 12 mile course, it’s hard to tell. I know I can run a 31 minute 5K but will I be able to do it after a ride? We’ll find out. I’m hoping for 11:30 which is slightly more realistic and gives me about 36 minute run time. I have no idea how to gauge transition time. Total activity time 1:40 + 7 min transitions…1:47? Can I do it? We’ll see. I think if I can pull it out in 1:50 I’ll be pretty happy.

Here we go…



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