The Kinks

Not the band, however Lola is one of my favorite songs  I slept on the couch last night. When my 4-year-old came down to bulldoze me over to make room for him I felt a pop at the base of my neck when I twisted to accommodate him. I mentally noted that nothing good could come from it and tried to rejoin the bazarre dream I was having. I chase sleep, when I find it I don’t like to let it go even if the dreams are nutty. Nightmares are a different story.  When the alarm went off and I tried to lift my head to find it, I quickly remembered the pop.  It’ll work itself out but there won’t be a run or ride on the schedule today.

I was responding to my husband with a witty retort and discovered I’m more animated than I realized. He found it humorous as I lamented my new limitation in conversation. How will people fully understand what I’m trying to say for the next couple of days?  I’ll have to look up some bigger words and work on my voice inflection.

Sorry about the pity party yesterday, it really had nothing to do with training. Not directly anyway. I went to the gym to run it out and ended up struggling through a distance I know I can do. I just couldn’t win yesterday.

I hope my neck feels better by Saturday, I have a 9 mile run (with some walking*) planned as part of my 1/2 marathon training.  Right now it hurts to pull open the oven door or dishwasher with my left arm. I don’t know how swinging it back and forth for

I’m going to try my first hot yoga class this Sunday and in a moment of insanity I put my name in the lottery for the St George Marathon on October 1. I’ll find out on the 5th if I need to freak out.

*I feel better about occasionally taking walk breaks after reading this on Jeff Galloway’s blog.  The people who would discredit my efforts will find a way regardless of what I do so I might as well do what works for me and let’s me finish. : )


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