Cheesy Poofs…

There may be occasions when I feel an emotional crisis…hormonal swing…oh whatever I like Cheetos Puffs. Not the crunches. Not the twists. Not flaming hot pickle chip leg of lamb on a stick flavored puffed cheese. Not Janet Lee or Great Value. Cheetos. Puffs.

The last 2 days the bulk of my calories have come from a bag of Cheetos Puffs. I’ve reached past the oatmeal, walked past the fridge that contains healthy smoothie makings and chose to dip my fingers in side the slightly greasy bag dusty with orange cheese product. There are a few scroungers floating around in the bottom of the bag, those tend to be a little greasier and I like them less.  Yes, I’m a semi-picky junk food glutton. What can I say, I have a discerning palate.

I ordered a new book today. Weight Management for Triathletes. I don’t imagine cheesy puffs will be listed as an acceptable food. I probably know quite a bit of the information that’s in there already. Knowing it and implementing it, two different things.


Impromptu morning bike ride yesterday, 20 miles. Awesome! We took our time and stopped at the farmer’s market briefly. We have one planned for tomorrow morning as long as the weather holds out.

I attempted my 9 mile run today only to find out something went wonky with the plotting and I only did 8.66.  Frack! I ran it with some 1-1:30 minute walk breaks every so often (about every 10 minutes) in 1:33:28. Even though I didn’t get the full distance I’m pretty happy. I know I have a long way to go but I’m moving forward.  I think I could have run through some of my breaks but I started to get a headache at my turn around point, I wasn’t sure why and I hoped the breaks would help. I think I need to start looking into hydration options. My long runs are only going to get longer from here, for a while anyway.  (Can you guess how grateful I am that I ran this morning when I had to remove 2 layers of clothing and wished it would have been acceptable to remove a third, when as I type this update the wind is picking up and it’s snow is blowing around outside my window? Brilliant! I almost self doubted myself out of going. Foolish girl.)

For the rest of this week…I need to get into the pool. I have some short runs on the training schedule this week and hopefully at least one ride before the 60 mile Goldilocks ride this weekend. And I have to buy more Cheesy Puffs.



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2 responses to “Cheesy Poofs…

  1. Way to go on the 20 mile bike ride and the 8.66 mile run! I’m so proud of you.
    I thought I was hot shit when I rode a whole 5 miles too. Ha!

    Oh…and I’m a glutton for Cheeto Puffs as well. It’s sick. In fact, reading your blog made my mouth water. Now I want to go buy some. Thanks a ton. 😉

  2. 8.66 is pretty darn close to 9! I totally feel you about those foods you just can’t stop eating. I straight up have “under no circumstances can you buy this” food items when I go food shopping (I’m looking at you, Wheat Thins!).

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