Goldilocks Ride

I headed down to Herriman, Utah with a couple of lovely ladies to take on the 60 mile leg of the Goldilocks ride.  It was a gorgeous day, I even wore *gasp* a bike skirt and one of my sleeveless running shirts. Sunblock applied and reapplied at the lunch stop.

The ride was well supported and, for the most part, traffic was kind.

According to my new toy I covered 61.1 miles, gained 2,329 feet, lost 2,311 feet, averaged a cadence of 76 rpm, my average heart rate was 146 bpm, and at one point I was traveling at 32 mph.  I remember that down hill. It was awesome.

When I got home and uploaded the data from my Garmin I was a little disappointed to see my average speed was just over 13 miles an hour.  I seriously need to readjust my thinking. My longest ride up until yesterday was 24 miles and relatively flat. I’ve only been on my bike about 7-8 weeks now and it’s not like I get to ride everyday. I recently read about the drag extra weight puts on a cyclist. I lose 2 mph to someone 40 pounds lighter than me if all the parameters are the same (watts, grade, etc) because of the weight. That feels like a lot and let’s not discuss what the extra weight does to running efficiency.  Though it may sound like it, I’m not trying to make excuses.  I’m trying to remind myself to be patient with myself and to be present in the moment of whatever activity I’m doing with the body that have right now. I’m a work in progress, in more ways than one.  I fixed my first flat, got my hands dirty with chain grease,  paid attention to my cadence and learned a few things about cadence, gearing and hills; I noted some pedal stroke issues I need to work on, got in a lot of practice clipping in and out at red lights and stop signs (I still hate reclipping), I rode 60 miles and I had a great time with some great ladies. I’m ready to go again!

Just to verify what a dork I am and how excited I was to have my new gadget. I rode in circles at one of the rest stops while the other ladies were assessing where we were, just to see if it would show up on the map later. It did. Big grin. What can I say? Simple things amuse me. Life is good.



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3 responses to “Goldilocks Ride

  1. Amanda

    I hate unclipping. Despise it. Makes me get all clammy and my stomach do flip flops. I’ll start unclipping way before my speed necessitates my feet touching the ground. Probably has a lot to do with learning how to ride with my shoes and my engineer of a husband tightening them instead of loosening. Which meant I couldn’t get unclipped when going UPHILL on SLICKROCK.

  2. Amanda

    Bah! I hit enter before I wanted to.

    You can imagine the scene in your head — all momentum has escaped my bike and we’re at a total standstill (the incline wasn’t that great). I’m balancing as precariously as possible because neither the slickrock to the left nor the slickrock to the right of me looks like an appeasing place to land. The problem lies in the reality that I can NOT get my feet out of my pedals so I’m going over no matter what I do (because at this point my husband is almost out of shouting distance). And it happened repeatedly.

    Anyway…just keep working at it! That average speed of 13mph, albeit 2mph slower than someone 40 pounds lighter, is still 13mph faster than most of us are going! You’re kicking ass Jess. Find peace in what you’re doing and how awesome it is.

  3. Clipping….I remember my dad talking about that too. He was an avid cyclist.

    I’m proud of you! You did great. 🙂

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