I showed up at the pool just after 5 this morning to find out there was a class so I grabbed a schedule and headed home.  I jumped on the St George Marathon web site to see if the lottery results were up. Looks like I have a marathon to train for. Sh!t…or…YES! Right now it feels a lot like oh sh!t.



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5 responses to “Um…

  1. Chistina

    Congrats! I think…

  2. Amanda

    You can do it!

  3. You can do it for sure! You haven’t given up thus far. 🙂

    That happened to me on Friday…but I didn’t wake up at the butt crack of dawn for it. I went to the gym after work to swim a little, and there was a class. :-/ I ended up staying there for a Body Pump class and a Dance type class though…so I was able to swim by the time I was done with those. Ha!

    Ok…rambling finished. 😉

  4. A full marathon! Shit! 🙂

  5. YES! So excited for you. The “Oh, shit” reaction will probably continue for a long time. I’m expecting to be saying “Oh, shit” until I cross the finish line 🙂

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