I love it when my training plan lines up with local events. I’m sitting here trying to figure out my plan for the St. George Marathon and am happy to find several events with similar distances to the training plan I’m using.

My chip time for the 10K was 1:06:26, that’s the number to beat for the Sawtelle Stampede 10K July 2. It sounds like it’s a trail run, which concerns me a little bit since I haven’t done any trail running but we’ll give it a go. I think the hubs is signing up for the 10K too and we’re going to try to get the boys and their grandmother to do the 1K.

I joined a team for the Grand Teton Relay, which means I won’t be able do the RUSH Triathlon this year (I’d been eying it) but that’s okay because this relay sounds fun and it’s in a beautiful area so it’s worth it.

I need to get out on the hills more, my bum is sore from the small hills I took on at the M.A.D. 10K.

It’s rainy and dreary here, I’m hoping for a mild turn around soon. : ) Happy trails!


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  1. You just keep on keeping on. Can’t wait to hear more about the trail running.

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