I haven’t been in the pool since The Pocatello Tri. I haven’t swam in open water.  I’m going to miss the open water clinic. I have to squeeze my XL body into a not so XL and very unforgiving wetsuit. I’m blind without my glasses…how will I see to gauge where I’m at? Wetsuit. Breathe. Breathe. Wehhhhtsuit. OMG! TRISUIT! Clearly I was not rational when I decided to put all of this *waving hands in front of self* on fairly intimate display. Breathe. 11 days from now it will be over. I will be dead or eating a cheeseburger. Maybe I’ll just go straight for the cheeseburger.  Breathe.



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3 responses to “Panic!

  1. You CAN do it. You WILL do it. You WILL be awesome at it. You are inspiring so quit second guessing yourself my jackass friend…said with love. (-;

  2. You can do it! Everyone else will be thinking about the event and not how you look in a wetsuit – and also remember, you are your own worst critic.

  3. Ain’t no thing – you got this 🙂

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