The Verdict

Stubbornly persist, and you will find that the limits of your stubbornness go well beyond the stubbornness of your limits.  ~Robert Brault

Double quad strain. I had physical therapy Monday, today she will decide if I need another visit Friday and give me some idea what my odds are for completing the Rigby Tri this Saturday. My left leg is worse than my right and a lack of stretching is probably the major contributor to the issue. For the last 2 weeks all I’ve done is swim twice. To say I’m some concerns about Saturday would be an understatement. I may have to wrap my thighs with ACE bandages after the swim to compress them for the bike and run legs, I imagine this will eat up a decent amount of transition time, not to mention almost 2 weeks of missed training and I can’t imagine pain while engaging my quads is going to help me out much. On the bright side, I’ll easily beat this year’s time next year. I’d still like to finish under 2 even with the injury but honestly, finishing at all with the way these quads feel,  will be a good day.

We did an open water practice swim yesterday in a local pond. It was 39˚ and raining. I forgot my swim cap, the cold water won against my 3/8″ hair’s attempts at scalp protection. It stopped being an issue when I could no longer feel my head. While I deplore wearing the wetsuit I will admit that it is awesome! After the initial body shock of putting freezing pond water in the suit, it warmed up creating a nice insulation layer so that anywhere the suit covered was comfortable. I was really worried about the disk issue in my neck, it can be painful in the cold. I think the suit helped this because it didn’t bother me.  However, all of the training I have been working on evaporated as soon as I tried to put my face in that freezing murky water.  I was a barge not a sailboat, my stroke count and breathing pattern were all over the place, I could not bring myself to exhale under that water and my head did not rest in the water offering less resistance it was firmly planted above the water.  I’m not sure what happened because after a while the stinging sensation on the top of my head went away and my face was not as cold as it once was, I just could not bring myself to do a proper stroke pattern.

I’m anxious. I know that I still have a long way to go with training but this is the event I was training for. It was first on my list and here I sit 2 days before it injured. I’m kind of bummed. Frustrated.


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One response to “The Verdict

  1. Mandy

    Fingers crossed that the quads are doing better today and that you do better tomorrow than you anticipate.

    I’m proud of you!

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