Oh! Haha!

After my run I thought it would be nice to go for a ride. Haha! The wind is moving SSW at 23mph and gusting at 36 mph. What did I decide to try and conquer? The hill out of Blacktail. It’s infamous and I’m going to have to ride it after a 1/2 mile swim next month.

I made it up the hill. I stopped 2 or 3 times to catch my breath when the gusts would come. I made it up and then about 2 miles later decided the wind could suck it. I was done. I was being blown sideways and was starting to get a headache.

I tried.



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2 responses to “Oh! Haha!

  1. Conquer not concur…whatever, I fixed it. Hopefully no one holds it against me. The ride stunk. I was really smart and didn’t refuel in between the run and the ride and it had been about 5 hours since breakfast. Not that it had that much impact I’m sure but still, I need to pay attention to those things.

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