Swimming is Not My Favorite

I’m slow. I panic. Did I mention that I’m slow?

After I attempted to swim and down and back along the buoys at Jensen’s Lake, I did practice drills while Jay did a second down and back.  There was a little brownchickenbrowncow going on on the beach which was a little awkward. The awkwardness isn’t referring to their performance, just in case you were thinking I’m that pervy, but my proximity to it.  I was finally able to slow the hamster wheel down enough to get some stroke patterns in. I’m still rushing my strokes then taking too long of a breath but right now it gets me through. I am a long way from feeling comfortable in the water.  Open water is such a different game. At least I could still feel my toes when I got out. : )



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2 responses to “Swimming is Not My Favorite

  1. Lost in Space

    Toes are good. Forget the speed and go for the form. The rest will fall into place…

  2. LMAO @ the brownchickenbrowncow. Awwwkkkkwwaaarrdddd!

    Beyond that….you’ll get it. I have yet to see you fail at something that you have ventured out to do. Take a look at where you are at now compared to the very beginning. I bet you never really thought you would have made it this far, and you have! Keep your head up and your confidence strong.

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