I Ran

If only it said 300 so I could have pretended I was in Sparta instead of Rexburg.

Or something like it.

My mood is shi.TAY.  It has been and I don’t predict much change in the pattern anytime soon so I’m probably going to hide for a while. It’s really best for everyone involved.  I have a ton of acridly witty things to say but if you don’t really know me, you won’t really get it and there will be some truth behind a lot of it and who really wants to read that?

The quick and the dirty….My quads are pissed, my hip is noisy, the inside of both arms are chafed (it dawned on me around mile 5 why I don’t usually wear the tank I chose this morning when the stinging kicked in) and I have some wonky ankle pain that’s confusing me.  I did do some quite a bit of walking on the never-ending hill, I got in line at the porta potty at mile 5+ only to change my mind a couple of minutes later (it was taking way too long), I was misdirected right at the frackin’ end while almost having  a car directed into me by the same volunteer (they’re supposed to try to keep me safe right?) and in the last 0.8 I almost ran over a small child whose parents thought my running past was a great time to send her across. I am pretty slow-moving, and looking, but her matchbox car would have been no match for my Sherman tank.

I was grateful for orange slices, the thought of (and receiving) a quick leg rub down after the race, that I showed up, the green of the fields accented by cloudy sun-kissed blue skies, flybys by yellow crop-dusters (even if it means that I inhaled poison), breezes, scattered rain drops and the downhill; my last two miles were 9:43 and 9:04 with the last .08 at 7:34, the rest of my paces averaged in the 11 min area. My total time was 2:25:48 according to my Garmin. When I signed up I wanted to finish in 2:30, when I strained my quads I thought 3 would be cool but finishing was acceptable.

I’m trying to decide if I want to go spin my legs out with a ride through the potato fields.

**edit…I was waiting to see where I ranked overall before I posted this but it’s taking longer than I thought it would to show up. Eh, what are you going to do?  I didn’t get out and spin through the fields, I’m going to try to get out tomorrow.


32/48 Age Division

120/185 All Females

225/303 Overall…slow but I’ll get faster



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5 responses to “I Ran

  1. Amanda

    It’s a great start! Especially for having pissed off quads right now. Be proud of what you did today. You did a fantastic job!

  2. alysa pearston

    JESS!……..you DID a half marathon. thats AWESOME! details dont matter. YOU DID IT. be proud of how far you have come. i remember a gal who sold me her treadmill because she couldnt run on it. HELLO!!!! keep your chin up.

  3. Lost in Space

    I, for one, appreciate all your wit.

    Congratulations, my friend! Awesome on all accounts. You did it. You really freaking did it. Enough said and no room for shoulda been better‘s.

  4. 2:25 is a GREAT time! Especially considering you achieved (and surpassed) your goal in spite of your quad issues. Way to power through!

  5. Thank you guys for the positive feedback! I really appreciate it. : )

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