The Transition Area

Looking out over the lake from the transition area.

My body is tired.

The race run down. It was a gorgeous day. The water course was clearly marked, well patrolled and the water was so much warmer than Rigby Lake.  They said it was slightly short but I was so slow I’m going to pretend it wasn’t so I don’t feel worse about my time.  The bike course was changed at the last minute due to road construction. It was relatively flat in terms of hills but slightly rougher than my snobby butt is used to riding,  though probably not the worst and was the full 13 miles.  The run course followed the bike course and that little tiny incline felt like  mountain for me yesterday.  There were lots of volunteers and support along the route and I laughed every time I saw the roaming porta-potty.

I was tired before I hit the water (3 hours of sleep in a strange bed, I realized I was locked out of my bathroom at 12:30am putting me on the receiving end of a very put-out and pissy hotel clerk and I didn’t really eat anything for breakfast) and I panicked. I was one of the last people out which is fine, I expect that from my swim right now. I’m not particularly strong in any of the of legs but the swim is my weakest.

On the bike I willed my body to go faster and it couldn’t. I think this is the first time I really felt like I just had to ride it out. All I could hear in my head was a chorus of friends saying you need to rest sometime. It was a frustrating moment to dig down into the tank and come up nothing. I averaged 17 mph, according to my Garmin.

On the run my goal was to be able to run it out at the end, at this point I had accepted that it wasn’t going to be my best out,  so I walked through the aid station and had some oranges slices and a drink. Average pace 10:38, according to my Garmin.

They had some issues with chip timing. They started my chip with the Olympic distance men, which didn’t happen, and I know there were people who came in before other racers but had slower listed times. Mine is pretty close  even though my Garmin disagrees with my listed bike time, in my favor. *shrug*  The only way to make it matter less is to get faster so there’s no wondering.

Yesterday they awarded me second, it looks like I actually got third by a minute. Stupid orange slices. ; ) Yesterday though, they were worth it.  I emailed them about returning my medal, I don’t want to keep something I didn’t earn. But the woman who took first in Athena, kicked it! She beat my time by almost 30  minutes. She would have been first overall for females by almost 6 minutes, that’s crazy fast. That’s so awesome!

From March 19 to Sept 11 of this year I will have completed 13 events. 6 of them sprint triathlons, 1 half marathon, 3-10K’s, 1-5K, and 2 relays (in one my leg will be 5 miles, in the other I’ll have 3 legs that are TBD). October 1st I have my first full marathon, then a few 5 and 10K’s in the winter.  In all of last year I mostly walked my way through 3-5K’s between Thanksgiving and December 31.  The year before…I think I may have done the Thanksgiving 5K…I think. My body is in shock and even though I’m almost at 40 pounds lost since October, I’ll still have another 35 to go once the magic 40 is hit…it feels like it’s taking forever. Hauling it around is a lot of extra work.

I need to work on nutrition, sleeping, stretching and recovering.  Sleeping sounds good.  And beer. Can I work beer in there somewhere?

**UPDATE…they said I could keep the medal, that they didn’t expect me to return a medal awarded to me on race day because of the chip timing company’s error. After a long email about why I’m racing to begin with, I’m sure his eyes glazed over at one point, I said I was sending it back.  I didn’t earn it, why would I keep it?  As I put it in an envelope with a note thanking them for a great race, my 4 year old asked what I was doing. “I’m sending it back because I didn’t earn that place, someone else did so it belongs to them.” “Because you lost?” “That depends on how you look at it, I finished. That’s good!” “Because you lost?” “Yes. Because I lost. And that’s okay because I tried.” Blank stare. He’s 4 so who knows what actually imprinted on his brain during this exchange.



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2 responses to “Listening

  1. Awesome job on 2nd/3rd place! You amaze me, Jess. SRSLY.

  2. Great recap! I can only imagine how much ass you’ll kick on a full night’s rest.

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