To Bone and Back

Because Jackie was getting on my butt about posting. ; )

A couple of months back, when I started trying to fill every crack in my calendar with an event, I started asking people if they wanted to join a relay team to do To Bone and Back.  How hard can it be to get 7 more people to commit to a run? Apparently it’s difficult.  When they finally opened registration all of my maybe’s became chirping crickets.  I like crickets…when I’m camping or hiking. In stepped Jackie who whipped up a team in about 2 days. Stoked!

We had a runner decide to bail 2 days before the race but were lucky enough to have another person want to step in. The day before the race, a minor tragedy struck when one of our runners had an unfortunate encounter involving a shopping cart and her foot. Stitches should have been sought but were not and running was definitely out. I stepped in for her.  After a brief meeting the night before and some leg shuffling, a basic plan set in motion.

To Bone and Back Profile

Our first runner took on legs 1&2 in just over 90 minutes. Look at that 2nd leg! Eeek! Our 2nd runner (leg 3) covered her 5 miles in a slick 45 minutes, as did our 3rd runner (Jackie, on leg 4). Then came my slow butt at just under 52 minutes for leg 5. Hills man, they kill me.  Our very pregnant leg 6 runner kicked its butt in just under an hour.  I was up again with just under 45 minutes for my second leg (leg 7). I love gravity! My pace was still slow compared to my teammates but it was my fastest time evah! That tiny blip didn’t feel so tiny when I hit it after that drop. Our final runner crushed her leg (leg 8) just under 50 minutes. Our total team time was 6:25 placing us 4th in the women’s open division, at least that’s what was posted on the board after the race who knows what will be in the paper on Tuesday.

We had to carry a 7″ long plastic bone to hand off to each other at each leg, I carried it in my skirt pocket because I hate having things in my hands when I run.  Jackie’s hands get sweaty when she runs. : )  I almost got hit by a car after I handed off to our leg 8 runner, mostly my bad.  They needed a few more porta-potties and some more traffic control but otherwise it was awesome. I was grateful for a supportive and enthusiastic team that tolerated my f-bombs and MC Hammer dances; strangers with water sprayers; the view, especially on leg 7; the breeze in the hot sun; knowing that there were 24 of our local servicemen and woman in Baghdad running with us an ocean away, I’m grateful for all of our troops. I hope they make it home safely and soon.

Would I run To Bone and Back again? Um…YES! Even though I am so very sore today. Hills man, I ehat them. Part of me wants to run the same legs next year to see if I can beat my times but I think there may some arm wrestling to be had over leg 7. ; )

The Team

I’m on the right in the back. The big dude. Yeah. Nope. That’s me, I’m a girl.  Alopecia, remember? I buzz buzz the hairs and it’s one of the reasons I don’t really post pictures.  All of the ladies were wonderful.  I’ll ID them by leg number from Left to right….Leg 8, Leg 4, Leg 6 tucked in the back, Leg 3 up front and me Leg 5 & 7.  We’re missing our Leg 1&2 runner in the photo and if they ask me to remove it I will.


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  1. hyperhidrosis

    Dude. I feel almost famous now… my hands were pretty sweaty!

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