Pounding the Pavement

I completed the Blacktail triathlon this past Saturday. I took 1st in my division but I’m pretty sure I was the only person in my division. *shrug*

I panicked in the swim despite having gone out 3 days before  swam the same course with some nice free style strokes.  So awesome.

Blacktail Sprint Bike Route

That is the elevation profile for the bike route. It was my favorite part of the race. I was mad at myself because…do you see that little dimple just before the crest on the climb out? yeah?… I stopped there then realized how close I was to the top. I could have made it up that sucker without stopping! SO PISSED OFF at myself for letting my head get in my way. I rode the course once before, it took me 15 minutes and 3 stops to make it to the top of the hill. Saturday it took me just over 12. That’s a win! I dropped my chain around mile 5 and I still completed the fairly hilly bike loop in an hour. I’m pretty happy with that even though I stopped.

The run course was a trail with patches of soft sandy ground that seemed to consist of mostly uphill and one really steep downhill. I don’t like trail running and in the single path areas I would hop off the trail into the sage brush and grass to let the faster runners get by me. I could complain about how this effected my time but honestly, I welcomed the breaks. I walked a lot. After those hills on the bike my quads didn’t like the hills on the run.  I also didn’t run with my headphones which seems to make a huge difference for me, but I wanted to hear the people who needed to get around me.

My final time isn’t posted yet, they are having some issues uploading the data but my garmin has my moving time at 2:01. I’m guessing I can add another 6-7 minutes for transitions. It was a hard course and while I really want to rip apart my performance, I did what I could and I finished that sucker. The onus is mine, I’ve had no real plan this year and have lacked consistent training. I almost waited to take on the course until next year; I’m glad I didn’t because there may not be another Blacktail tri.  The turn out was really low this year but I’m hoping they do one more so I can see how I improve over the winter. I’ll just have to be happy I did it once.

They told us it’s the hardest Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon in the Pacific Northwest. I completed that sucker!

Today I have  15 mile bike ride planned and I have to get in a 3 mile run, which I might convert into a 1 mile book end runs  to a 15 minute speed interval workout. We’ll see what happens. I need to start waking up earlier, this Friday I have a 13 mile training run on my marathon schedule. Who would have ever thought I’d run a half marathon for training? Sickness.

***I went out and got myself 24 miles of road @ 16.5 mph (someday I’ll be faster) then ran 4 miles. Two easy miles sandwiched 2 miles of run:walk intervals; I got up to 8mph. That’s fast for me, granted it was only a minute but still…


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