We ran outside today. Even though my brain told me the entire time to get off of the concrete sidewalk, I remained there. I was preoccupied by pain in my feet from a new pair of shoes that I immediately returned after my run without hassle. (Yay! Teton Running Company! Oh and they carry a woman’s size 11! In several styles. Boooyah!)

I knew it would be trouble. My shins are organizing a mutiny.  I need to appease them quickly before it gets out of control. Luckily for me I’m hooked up. I called my friend Mandy a couple of weeks ago and she made me these custom rice bags. They are measured to my shin size and drape perfectly. I wrap them in a plastic bag to avoid moisture and stick them in the freezer for moments just like this. Ahhhh!

Even with the pain we ran the 3 mile loop in 33:22, which is 5 minutes faster than we ran it in December and 3 minutes faster than we ran it last week. And it was windy. Take that southeast Idaho wind!

(Those are not my running shoes, they are my cross trainers, I had a racquetball game tonight. I lost but I made her work for it. : ) )


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  1. Nice job shaving down your 3 mile time!

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